Sharing my settings on my camera

HI all,

In this Blogpost, I’m going to share with you which camera and which types of lenses i use for my photos, i want to also, share how I apply some of the settings.

To illustrate this more clearly, I will use a specific  photos as an example.

To this lionfish did I use Nikon D850 and 105mm Lenses.

settings was Iso 160  f/22    1/100 sec

and here is the result

Next Photo. Shrimp Nikon D850 Lenses 60mm,

settings  Iso 100      f/22   1/100 sec

This is my friend Thomas and al his bubbels, haha

Camera Nikon D850 lenses  8-15mm fisheye

settings   Iso 100  f9 and 1/250 sec

and this beautiful  Squirrelfish

Nikon D850 lenses 16-35mm wide

settings Iso 400   f/8 1/125sec

Look at this fantastic Shrimp just 1cm

Nikon D850 with 105mm

settings Iso 125, f/29 1/100sec

4 thoughts on “Sharing my settings on my camera”

  1. Hello Patrik

    I love you pictures, you are so talented. I make pictures too, but I take photos on land 😁 I really like your homepage and your Instagram page. I am very interested at the settings. Please never give up your work under water. You did a great job. My English is not good. Please forgive me. But your pictures are amazing and I wait every day to see new pictures. You tell us how stunning it is under water. You show us all the beautiful animals, what the most people never see.

    Blacksoul1980 – Dani

    1. Hi Pamela.
      Nice too meet you.
      Yes that is a problems.
      Macro lenses is on and metting a Whale shark , hahaha

      I always talk about having a Dive caddy instead of golf caddy with you then you dive.
      the you cud have three cameras in the water at the same time.

      so what are that I try to say here , I have to decide wish dive I’m are going to make macro or wide
      So you need lot of facts before you jump into the water, what are we expect to see here on this dive.
      That what I like with coming back to a divesite I hav been before.

      Like my traveling I’m going to make soon to Moalboal, there I got some dive site then I know exactly what lens I’m going to use, even all the setting.

      see you Patrik

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