My name is Grazziamaria Lara, amost everyone knows me for Grace. Raise and born in san pedro Sula,Honduras.

One of the things i love to do is travel, explore more about cultures,gastronomy and be in contakt with the nature and most of all the oceans.

Throughout my life i have been in Usa, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Spain, Philippine and Sweden.

The first time I snorkling was 18 years ago (2002) in my beautiful country : Bay Island Utila, with my sister Margarita Harter´s husband and some friend of ours (of course they are professional divers)

To see so much beauty underwater it took my breath away:) the reef colors and different marine life, I felt in love with the aquatic world and I know That I wanted to experience more of this amazing world.

I have been scuba diveing in Spain, philippines and Swden so far, it is a very big different way to dives, if you compare marine life , visebility temp and the dive equipment.

Next travel: Bali in October, Philippines over christmas (if we can) Corona