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Upcoming travels

Do you want to follow us 5-14 / 2021 March to Bali, Denpasar.

We are staying at Bali Dive Resort and Spa.

Bali-Dive-Resort-Patrik Jonson-oct-2020-SWE (2) (2)


We are going to Cebu QuoVadis Divecenter again 1/2-13/2-2020.                                                                                               Come and join us there. Patrik


Do you want to dive with us in Christmas

Next travel Spain, Diving with Dive Academy Santa Pola in Christmas 2019-2020


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Maldives 27 july-3 aug – 2019

You want to follow me to the Maldives on liveaboard MY Emperor Leo.

we are going to stay onboard at MV Leo for a week and just dive at amazing different dive sites, and it should be so fun if you cud just came with us 

They call this trip (Best of Maldives), and yes it maybe are

Last time i did this trip did we saw, lots of Mantas, nurse sharks, reef sharks and more , you can read more about the dives and that trip in my blog .


Maldives 12-20 October –  2019  Manta Madness

This time are we  going to the Maldives with Scuba travels on Liveaboard  at Carpe-Vita and we are going North this time.

Our mission this time is too see so much Mantas as possible  🙂 .

We are going to take the boat  to Hanifaru-Bay , there it should be lot of Mantas this time of year, ( last seasons did they have over 100 of Mantas at the same time)

This time of year are the Mantas most active in Maldives.

Hungry Mantas and Whale sharks come in large numbers thanks to the currents sweeping in plankton to the shallow lagoon.

Är du intresserad att följa med gå till länken nedan allt på svenska eller  kontakta mig på om du har några frågor

info in swedish Carpe-Vita- North Patrik Jonson SWE-compressed

contact if you are intrested to join us, ask for Patriks group.


Previous travels

Join me to Indonesia in March 2019

Read about what happened on this diving trip in my blog  >

Banda Sea, Ambon-Ambon Indonesia Liveaboard cruise (my emperor Raja Laut)

Do you want to dance with me in Indonesia, 9-16 March? If you like, I can show you a trix with the camera / Lightroom / Photoshop or just have fun together 🙂  Just contact Emperor Guards and tell them you want to join me there.

You can read more about our amazing trip here .

See you on the boat


Diving in indonesia


December – 2018

Read about what happened on this diving trip in my blog  >

Filippinerna, Cebu, Moalboal (Quo Vadis diveresort)


October – 2018

Read about what happened on this diving trip in my blog  >

Maldives Emperor Diver Liveaboard Cruise Best Maldives.


June – 2018

Philippines, Cebu, Moalboal (Quovadis Divers) I saw Sardin run a big, Whale Sharks, Frogfish, Nudibranchs, Shrimp, Turtles and I mean a lot. A dive we saw 17 of them on the same dive, mandarin fish, Pygmé Seahorse and a lot of Scorpin fish on the beautiful dive Pescador Island.


Mars – 2018

Maldives emperor diver Liveaboard cruise best of the Maldives).

We saw lots of Mantas, Eagles, Whale Sharks , Reef Sharks, School of Nurse Sharks and many other fish.