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News next exhibitions Vaxholms liberty betwin 18 november-7 december address , Hamngatan 19, Vaxholm

Nästa utställning är på Vaxholms bibliotek mellan den 18 november – 7 december , Välkomna Patrik


You can still see some of my photos even after the Exhibition at G.A.D

Det finns fortfarande möjlighet att titta på en del av mina bilder på G.A.D om du vill ,tyvärr så fick dom stora bilderna flytta på sig för andra bildkonstnärer.

Välkomen Patrik 2019-09-11

Save the date, you are all very welcome to my vernissage at G.A.D .

i’m going to be there at the vernissage and even show my camera and show some of my setting if you are interested

See you Patrik

G.A.D Tegnergatan 4, stockholm

All the prints are limited edition and sold with a certificate and my sigil (turtle) see below

70X50cm with frame and art glass price 5900 swedish kr

A2 60x40cm with out frame and glass price 3500 swedish kr

Or like this one, composed in just 10 ex 140 cm x 94cm price 19000skr

Carlos Martin ( Hägernässtrand galleri sweden) and me holding a big print of a giant moray eel

This manta did i meet in a night dive i Maldives using Nikon D 850 with 8-15mm fish eye lenses

This pygmy seahorse did I found in Bali summer 2018 use Nikon d850 with 105mm macro lenses

Soldier fish from Barbados 2017, diving with Sea horse divers using nikon 15-35mm wide lenses

Sea fan from Banda sea, Indonesia diving with Emperor divers, using Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses

Manta night dive, Maldives diving with Emperor divers using nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses

Anemone just 3cm, using my Nikon 105mm macro lenses, smögen diving with Smögen dyk sweden

Giant Moray eel the head was 35cm, using my Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses, maldives Diving with Emperor divers

Clown fish in his anemone using my Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses, 20 m deep, moalboal , Cebu island philippine diving with Quo Vadis dive center 2018

Anemone fish Clownfish( nemo) using myNikon 60mm lenses , Moalboal, Cebu island diving with Quo Vadis dive center 2018

Close up at a lionfish, use Nikon 60mm macro lenses, Bali diving with Villa Markisa july 2018

Turtle and a sardine run behind him, using Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses, Moalboal diving with Quo Vadis dive center

Maldives night dive,diving with Emperor divers, using 8-15mm fisheye lenses

Crab smögen, sweden, use Nikon 60mm lenses 2016 diving with smögen dyk

Giant Moray ell they can be over 2m, Maldives using Nikon 10-24mm wide lenses, diving with Emperor divers

Nemo Clown fish from Moalboal using Nikon 60mm, diving with Quo vadis dive center 2018

Pyme seahorses just 1 cm big, 25m deep using Nikon 105mm macro lenses, diving with quo vadis dive resort 2018

Pyme seahorses 1cm 24m deep, Bali using Nikon 105mm macro lenses , diving with Villa markisa

Whale shark can be up to 19m, Oslob, philippine , using 8-15mm fisheye lenses 2018

soldier fish and hard coral ,Banda sea, indonesian , using Nikon 15-35mm wide lenses march 2019 diving with Émperor divers

Crab, smögen, sweden using Nikon 60mm lenses, diving with Smögen dyk 2018

Martina on of the guides on Emperor Divers liveaboard boats, Maldives 2018 using Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lenses