Sharing my settings on my camera part 2

Hi again.

Here we got some more examples  on my settings.

This time i use Nikon D850 with my 8-15mm fisheye lenses, love that one.

100 iso and 5,6/f  and speed 1/100 dubbel strobes and focus light , and auto focus for ones 🙂

Or this Photo of Martina one of the Dive instructors at Emperor divers .

Nikon D850 with 16-35mm lenses of curse from Nikon also with dome port glass/230mm from Sea&Sea.

200 iso, 10/f, and speed 1/125 and strobes at AF and the camera at auto focus.

Or this photo from Moalboal at the Beautiful place Pescador island.

Nikon D850, 8-16mm fisheye lens , Saga glass dome 165mm

640 iso, 16mm at the lens, 20f, 1/250 speed

Good luck Patrik

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