Sharing my settings on my Camera Part 3

Hi soon is it time for me to travel again, this time I’m going to Moalboal (Cebu)

For trying to takes more photos frogfish, Nudibranch, small crabs and shrimps, Turtles, Sardine runs and even go over to Oslob to meet the Whale sharks again.
So soon do i got same fresh UW-Photos to show again :

This beautiful fellows did i meet at a night dives, at the house reef of  Quo Vadis Dive Resort.

Using Nikon D850 with Macro lenses 60mm , Iso 100, f11 and speed 1/80

This small monster (Clownfish) did i found in Moalboal at 18 meter . Using Nikon D850 with Nikon 8-16mm fisheye , settings iso 400, f/11. 1/200 sekund.

This beautiful Nudibranch was living in the cave at Pescador island at 22 meter. Nikon D850 with 60mm macro lenses Iso 125, f/16, 1/80 speed.

Have a Good day now, and good luck. Patrik

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