My settings from our last trip to Philippine, this time where we diving with MV, Solitude, One.

We had a really amazing time on board. we saw lot of super macro stuff, diving on amazing beautiful reef, once we should diving in blue hole, and that was starting at 5m deep and went down to 25m, the problem we had, was that tide water was coming in at 25m and pushing up al the water throw the hole, so that wasn’t so easy to swim down there with all camera equipment, but we did it 🙂

We started the trip with one night in Solitude Acacia Dive resort, (Aniao, Philippines) This Hotel is just made for divers,and all in our group agreed on that, We (Grace and me didn’t have any times to dive with them this time, but some of our friends stayed there for some more days, and they was really impressive about the dive site there, beautiful corals reef, and lot of fishes, etc , so we need to go back there soon again.

Our trips was starting to make some dives in Puerto Galeria, and one of there dive site there I can really recommend is Monkey dive site, Beautiful corals, nudis etc.

It was nice to be back there again after 23 years , (that time was we diving with Asian Divers, We can also really recommend Asian Divers) , and it wasn’t so ruined as i feared, but instead very beautiful considering, what has unfortunately happened in many other places.

After visiting Puerto Galera was the trip going to Romblon (the heaven for Macro shooting) . that’s dive site was amazing, we saw lot of new thing, small shrimps crabs and lot of beautiful Nudibranch in all shapes,sizes and colours just amazing .

This beauty (Nudibranch)

Camera NikonD 850 with 105mm macro Lenses, Nauticam SMC-1 lens double strobes Seaandsea YS-D3,

Camera settings ISO 125, f20. 1/200 Photographer Patrik

I became so happy then we found this beautiful nudibranch, i really love this colors together, green and orange

Nikond 850 with 105mm macro lens doubel strobs Sea&Sea YS-D3

Camera settings ISO 160, f16, 1/200 Photographer Patrik

Clownfish in her home (anemone) i just love this colors together

Camera NikonD850 with 8-15mm macro lens Doubel strobs Sea&Sea YS-D3

Settings ISO320, f10, 1/160 Photographer Patrik

In this amazing Anemone, starting some small shrimps became really active, after I put on my focus lamp, as you can see , the shrimps was everywhere in the (air) and i have been diving since 1989 and never seen shrimps became activ like them.

Nikond 850 wit 8-15mm macro lens double strobs YS-D3

Camera settings, ISO 640, f9, 1/160 Photographer Patrik

Pinky, take a look at this friends 🙂 this is what i call a real snapshot. just for a hundred of a second are they looking at each other,

NikonD 850 with 60mm macro lens Double strobes from Sea&Sea

Camera settings ISO100, f13, 1/160 Photographer Grace

Take a look at these monsters, I have never see them so close together before ,you see the (monster on the right side was just coming around the corner and here stood the other monster, i was really lucky this time.

NikonD850 with 105mm macro lens and Nauticam SMC-1 lens double strobe YS-D3

Settings ISO 200, f14, 1/125

This super small tiger nudibranch did we found in Romblon, this one wasn’t so easy to find, but our dive guides did a fantastisk works for us.

NikonD850 with 105mm macro lens and Nauticam SMC-1 lens double strobe YS-D3

Camera settings ISO 100, f20, 1/100

Take a look at this beautiful transparent shrimp, can you even see all the eeg she have in her stomach, i never have this ability to seen one before. just lovely

NikonD850 with 105mm macro lens and Nauticam SMC-1 lens double strobe YS-D3

Camera settings ISO 125, f20, 1/200

The future

A lonely clownfish in his castle, is looking in to our dark future.

Nikond 850 wit 8-15mm macro lens double strobe YS-D3 from Sea&Sea

Setting ISO 500, f13, 1/160

this super small ghost pygmy seahorse wasn’t so easy to found, big thanks again to our dive guide from Solitude One

NikonD850 with 105mm macro lens and Nauticam SMC-1 lens double strobe YS-D3

settings ISO 125, f20, 1/200

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