Pygmy Seahorse

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Pygmy SeaHorse 1,5cm, 24 meters deep Bali 2018

It took me Five years before i took my first really good shot at them, the problem is, first to find them, they often hiding them self in seafans and the seafan got the same colors as them, so that dosent helps to find at all or they was standing in stranges position, uppside down, with ther back agains you etc,

Next problem is that they often are in quite deep and current area, and thatodoes helped me at all, because I really need to stay 100% still in the water, why ? you cant use automatic foucus so you need to use you body to move your self back and forward in small, small step and trying to get the Small Sea horse in focus.

I was trying to take same good shot of them for many years, philippine, Barbados, etc, so I was in philippine/moalboal and trying again, then I hear from a friend of my that, they have found some pygmy seahorse in Bali, so I was booked the first plan ticket I could get to Bali.

I was just home in Sweden for 48 hours, before I started my new trips to Bali, at 24meters at the sandbottom there they were, and here is the results.

NikonD850 with 105mm macro lens double strobs and UWhousing from Sea&sea

Camera settings f25, 1/60, ISO160

Photographer Patrik Jonson


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