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Manta ray 2,5 meter deep 10m, night diving,Maldives 2018

we was out and diving  on a liveonborad trip, this time did we use underwaterlamps that we hade put into the sandy bottom to stimulate plankton.

after maybe 1 hour the plankton was starting to show up, when we was jumping into the dark water the water was full with plankton and four manta ray, three was about 2,5 m and one big one at 4m.

This one was just 2,5 m.

The manats was dancing around us for hours

NikonD 850 with 8-15mm fish eye lens double strobs and foucus lights, UWhousing from Sea&Sea

Camera settings f6,3, 1/125, ISO200

Photographer Patrik Jonson

Limited edition 1/50, with certificate


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