Sharing my settings on my camera from my last trip Moalboal

Hi, here we got some new photos from Moalboal , I was there and diving with Quo Vadis dive resort again, I think I have been there for at least 10 times now. 🙂 (you can read more about the dives in my blog.

I was there for 10 days this time, and we saw Frogfish. lots of different shrimps, nudibranch, frogfish, Pyme seahorses, clownfish of curse, Sardines run and whale sharks and lot of turtles, i use to call Moalboal for Turtle paradis. and I are going back there again for 100%. and of curse lot of other fish.

And here comes some photos and the settings of them.

Using Nikon D850, 8-15mm, fisheye .My settings on this turels was Iso 200, f 6,3 speed 1/250. can you even see the sardines in the back

Using Nikon D850 8-15mm fisheye, sea&sea Glass Dome /230mm. settings on this was Iso 200, f6,3 and speed 1/250

Using Nikon D850 with 105mm and Nauticam Macro lenses CMC-1. This beaty take my about 20min to get if you asked my dive guide. haha. Settings was Iso 100, f29, speed 1/100

This Nudibranch did we found at Pescador island. Using Nikon D850 60mm macro lenses with Nauticam Macro lenses SMC-1 Settings Iso 100 , f19, speed 1/100

Pescador island again 5m deep. Using Nikon D850 wihe 8-15 mm fisheye Sea&sea glass dome port 230mm Settings Iso 400 , f11, speed 1/250

Good luck Patrik

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