Im in the final in Fotovideosub underwater contest this year again.

This is my third year that im in final in this UWconstest, first yearI got two photos in the consest, last year i have four photos, but i dident win so now is it my third time to be in that final and year did they chose three of my Prints, so i hope for better luck this time.

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FotoVideoSub 2022 – concurso de fotografía y vídeo submarino
Participantes concurso de fotografía submarina FotoVideoSub 2022
Super tough crab – Patrik Jonson

This little tough porcelain crab in his anemone did we meet in our last trip to Philippine.

Nikon d with105mm macro lens double stobes and underwater housing from SEA&SEA

Clownfish in his anemone – Patrik Jonson

When we where in maldives last year did we saw this super cute clown fish, how was fighting aganist the current, you can see who strong it was at the anemone how is are almost on his side against the coral reef.

NikonD 850 with 8-15mm fisheye lens dobel strobes and underwaterhousing from SEA&SEA

Super Macro – Patrik Jonson

This scary ones was just showing up in front of me, I have never seen a Tiger Shrimp and a Bumblebee shrimp together before,

NikonD 850 with 105mm macro lens and double strobes and underwater housing from SEA&SEA

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