About underwater photographer Patrik Jonson

Patrik Jonson underwater photographer

Nationality: Swedish
My date of birth: 1963-02-09

    • I did my first dive in 1977 aged 14.
    • Certified as a Diving Instructor in 1992, and have a broad range of certifications from PADI, NAUI and IANTD.
    • In 1992, Did I managed a dive center, Gotlands Dykmateriel, on the island Gotland in Sweden and in 1995  did I set up my own dive center on the island, Visbydykcenter.
    • At the end of the 1990s, did I also initiated and managed the Swedish Championship in Treasure Hunting in diving.
    • In 1998, Did I set up a Diving Society which still travels annually to diving around the world.
    • I has worked with dive centers in Philippines and in the Red Sea.
    • In 1992, did I bought my first underwater camera and have been shooting underwater photos ever since.
    • I have produced photos and films from trips in Sweden, Norway, Malta, Spain, The Red Sea, Maldives, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Palau, Barbados, Bali, Philippines, Ambon and Banda Sea.
    • My films have been shown on Swedish National Television.
  • The Photos have been published in the following magazines and newspapers:
    Dyk, UVM, Tauchen, Dyknet, Gotland folkblad, Gotlands allehanda, Svenska dagbladet, Mitt i Stockholm.https://mitti.se/nyheter/upptacker-resarobon-undervattensbilder/?omrade=sodraroslagen, https://www.helagotland.se/15764792 kanalen   and as part of commercials.
  • exhibitions
  • Gad tegnergatan Stockholm, Vaxholms Bibliotek, Åmålsstats hotel
  • intervju on Roslagen live 26/5-2020 https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fopen.spotify.com%2Fepisode%2F2KBrcF6q90hOikktxhU7hm%3Fsi%3DZmn_Je0RRtKv5oSJLFZwNw%26fbclid%3DIwAR2I7CP_qlqisZwOf1vDFeqrrGXf0GXFxgN9MR4BKOfHyWsIU5BmTE-G0-k&h=AT3isZ8L1_SvFX4uxiAsPe0g-lG5ZF7vHkOHY7hgg9804OdD8MQTraMeLoOJwEe_4zSA0SA6iglg3wSNkP9gWMKzJi0SehN8OamAKiqZ3SyhN47CM7w8jyWXBzJPojak2b3MPB0MBKYZLEw
  • Contest : Third place in world shot out 2019
  •  Teuda-Macro 2020-3
  • https://www.worldshootout.org/ccp/dfgsdfgsdgsdfg-Copy-Copy

                                                                                       My dive training certificates.

                         Here can you see all my life in diving, with long hair, no hair and with beard. hahaha